Wilson Archer



Hi there, I’m Will!

As a videographer, I love to tell a story and create emotion through film. I’m passionate about filming passionate people. There’s nothing better than being behind the scenes and capturing people in their element.

My aim is to let everyone feel like they were part of an experience. If someone can’t make it (whether it’s your wedding, an event, workshop or an expedition), I want to them to feel like they didn’t miss a beat. I hope my videos encourage people to book the flight, buy the ticket or plan the trip!

The best thing about my job is the diversity of content I get to create. This ranges from travel videos, events, commercial projects, online workshops, real estate to weddings.

I’ve been lucky enough to work internationally. I’m always open to travelling for work. After all, it was one of the main draws of becoming a freelance videographer.

Please feel free to have a look around my website and drop me a line if you’d like to chat further! I’m always open to phone-calls if email isn’t your style! You can catch me on +61 481 743 206.

Thanks for dropping by,